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Web Camera Pro is an excellent webcam software that offers a user-friendly interface for monitoring and recording video from webcams, IP cameras, and other surveillance equipment. Moreover, the software employs an AI-based motion detector, which significantly decreases the load on internet channels and cloud storage.

The Video Surveillance Cloud is another excellent feature offered by Web Camera Pro. It is a hybrid cloud solution that employs the software's real-time intelligent video analytics on the camera stream source side. The solution comprises a cloud server and a local application that can be installed on a phone, personal computer, or cloud camera. This technology helps significantly decrease the load on channels and cloud disk space.

Web Camera Pro is an exceptional and user-friendly CCTV software that offers a comprehensive set of features, including object detection, motion detection, event-triggered and time-lapse recording, remote viewing, and facial recognition. With these remarkable capabilities, it facilitates effortless online security monitoring of video surveillance footage, ensuring optimal protection for residential and commercial properties alike. Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, investing in Webcam Pro is a wise choice that can effectively safeguard your property and valuable assets.

Web Camera Pro offers numerous use cases, some of which include:

Nanny Cam

Supervision of Children
As parents, we want to ensure the safety of our children at all times. With Web Camera Pro, parents can set up cameras in their homes to monitor their children's activities and ensure their safety. Whether they are working from home or running errands, parents can keep an eye on their kids and ensure their safety.

Watching the Babysitter Work
Hiring a babysitter can be stressful, especially when parents are not there to supervise. With software, parents can monitor the babysitter's behavior and ensure that they are taking care of their child properly. Furthermore, the software also records the video feed for future reference.

Pets Surveillance

Watching Pets
Pets are a part of our families, and we all love them dearly. However, it's not always possible to be there to watch over them. Whether the owner is at work or on vacation, they can use free software to check in on their pets at any time and ensure that they are safe and happy.

Watching the Housekeeper Clean the House
Hiring a housekeeper can be convenient, but it's essential to ensure that they are doing their job properly. With CCTV software, homeowners can monitor the housekeeper's behavior and ensure that their homes are cleaned to their standards.
Web Camera Pro is an excellent software solution that offers a user-friendly interface for monitoring and recording video from webcams, IP cams, and other surveillance equipment. It offers numerous use cases, including monitoring children, watching pets, supervising babysitters, and monitoring housekeepers. With the addition of the Surveillance Cloud, the software becomes even more potent, making it an ideal solution for homeowners and business owners looking for reliable and easy-to-use CCTV software.
Camera Motion Detector
Use your phone as a smart camera for object detection and smart video surveillance.
The application automatically saves video to your phone or the Video Surveillance Cloud server, and only starts recording when it detects motion, making your life easier and safer.

Webcam Cloud

Monitor from anywhere with Webcam Cloud
Web Camera Pro
combined with Surveillance Cloud provides a powerful and efficient solution for monitoring your home, nanny, pets, children, and more. By using this software, you can ensure the safety and security of your loved ones and belongings, all from the convenience of your smartphone or computer
Stream and broadcast live videos from USB webcams / IP cams or your desktop screen for remote monitoring. The RTMP feature lets you broadcast directly on popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch, USTREAM, and Facebook, giving you the flexibility to choose when and where you want to stream. In addition, Web Camera Pro also offers a time-lapse mode for recording, making it a versatile and comprehensive webcam software.
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