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Keep your pets, children, and loved ones safe and secure with just a few taps on your smartphone, thanks to Web Camera Pro's advanced AI-based motion detection software. With this cutting-edge technology, you can rest assured that your surveillance system is always watching and alerting you to any potential dangers or threats.
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Webcam Cloud

The Video Surveillance Cloud is a hybrid cloud solution that employs Web Camera Pro's real-time intelligent video analytics technology on the camera stream source side.
Web Camera Pro is a free video surveillance software that enables users to record footage from IP cameras and establish a local video archive. Beyond its recording capabilities, the software is equipped with features such as object detection, face recognition, and the ability to set up timelapse recordings.
Traditional cloud-based surveillance systems continuously process and record video streams directly in the cloud. This approach presents several challenges, including potential data loss during poor internet connectivity, bandwidth limitations set by internet service providers, frequent false alarms, and the associated costs when scaled per camera. Additionally, to maintain a continuous archive for just one 1080p IP camera over a year, one would need about 6.5TB of storage. When multiplied by the number of cameras in a system, the hardware and cloud storage costs can escalate rapidly.

Web Camera Pro, when combined with VideoSurveillance.Cloud, offers solutions to these challenges. First, by saving archives locally on the user's computer, it ensures uninterrupted access to video archives for any number of cameras without the constraints of internet connectivity. Second, video analytics are conducted locally using Web Camera Pro, eliminating the need for additional payments associated with cloud-based analytics. This not only makes the system more cost-effective but also reduces the frequency of false alarms. Furthermore, the software's use of artificial intelligence for object detection and its timelapse recording feature drastically reduce the size of video archives, offering storage savings of hundreds of times compared to traditional systems.

Another distinctive advantage of Web Camera Pro is its event-driven cloud recording. Instead of constantly uploading footage, videos are sent to the cloud only when specific events are detected. In the absence of such events, the software can continue recording in a timelapse mode, ensuring efficient use of storage space. However, it's worth noting that due to the overwhelming demand, the number of available slots for connecting Web Camera Pro to the cloud service is limited. Interested users are advised to reach out to the support section to be added to a waiting list.
Camera Motion Detector
Get ready to enhance your smartphone's potential with our cutting-edge mobile application! Say goodbye to basic phone camera functions and embrace advanced object detection and video surveillance capabilities. With our app's AI-powered detection technology, you can capture every movement with ease and have your videos automatically stored on your phone or the VideoSurveillance.Cloud server.
CCTV Cloud
CCTV Cloud is an ideal app for VideoSurveillance.Cloud that empowers you to oversee your IP camera devices and receive instant alerts on your phone. Stay in control and connected with your property and loved ones with CCTV Cloud.
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