Free webcam software: Nanny Cams
Are you concerned about your nanny's actions? Set up the Webcam Software to monitor webcams in your home and activate recording the moment it detects any suspicious activity.

Transform a webcam into a nanny cam for peace of mind. Keep an eye on your child or babysitter with ease, and ensure their well-being from a distance.

Now, imagine you're a busy parent who wants to keep an eye on your little ones while you're away from home. It can be a real challenge to make sure they're safe and behaving themselves. With AI-powered video surveillance, you can have peace of mind knowing your kids are in good hands. You can keep an eye on the babysitter to make sure they're doing their job and not playing on their phone. You can also see if your little ones are getting into any trouble or need your assistance. It's like having a set of extra eyes to keep an eye on your kids when you can't be there.

Say goodbye to worries and hello to peace of mind with our video surveillance cloud! Keep an eye on your little ones while you're away with our nanny control feature. Trustworthy, reliable and easy-to-use. Keep your loved ones safe and secure with just a few clicks. Try our video surveillance cloud now!"
Security and remote control. Watch your home, office, or anywhere live through a Webcam
Webcam software turns your PC into a video surveillance system. Aimed at the home and small business user, the system allows the capture, storage and playback of images from multiple USB Webcams or IP cameras. The software incorporates advanced features, such as a drag and drop user interface, motion detection, remote viewing video over the Internet.

Use Webcam Pro to watch your spouse at home while you're away or make sure your babysitter is not neglecting your kids.
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