Streams live video directly to VSaaS

Webcam software can receive the stream directly from webcam or IP cameras, so you do not need any additional PC or software to run

To stream video from an IP camera to a Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaS) platform, you will need to follow a few steps:

  1. Obtain an IP camera that is compatible with your VSaS platform. Make sure that the camera supports RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol).
  2. Connect the IP camera to your network. This can be done through Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection.
  3. Assign a static IP address to the camera. This will ensure that the camera's location remains constant, even if the network changes.
  4. Install Web Camera Pro. Configure the camera's settings for video transmission. This may include setting the resolution, frame rate, and compression.
  5. Log in to your VSaaS account and access the setup or configuration section.
  6. Add a new camera by specifying the camera's IP address, username, and password.
  7. Test the connection to the camera by accessing a live stream from the camera.
  8. Adjust the camera's settings if necessary, such as adding motion detection or adjusting the recording schedule.
  9. Start streaming video from the camera to your VSaaS account.
By following these steps, you can successfully stream video from your IP camera to a VSaS platform for remote monitoring and surveillance.

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Camera Motion Detector
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How to Stream Your Webcam
If your computer doesn't already have a built-in webcam, you'll need to attach and set up an external IP Camera or USB webcam before you'll be able to stream.
Open your service's "Live Stream" section and retrieve your stream key and rtmp server address. In order to link your webcam's stream to your preferred service, you'll need to retrieve a link that allows you to do so from your service. This process varies from service to service:
  • YouTube - Log in if necessary, click Stream now on the left side of the page and copy the stream key.
  • Facebook - Go to and log in if necessary, click Live Video, click the Connect tab, and copy the "Stream Key" text box's contents.
  • Twitch - Log in if necessary, click your username in the upper-right corner, click Dashboard, click the Channel tab below "Settings" on the left side of the page, click Stream Key, click Show Key, click I understand, and copy your key
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