Free live streaming webcam. Nanny Cams.
Do you have any suspicions about your nanny? You could setup Webcam Live Streaming to monitor webcams in your home and trigger recording the video and starts screaming.

Use a webcam as a Nanny Cam. Transform a webcam into a nanny camera to peek in on your child or babysitter.
Security and remote control. Watch your home, office, or anywhere live through a Webcam
Webcam Live Streaming turns your PC into a video surveillance system. Aimed at the home and small business user, the system allows the capture, storage and playback of images from multiple USB Webcams or IP cameras. The software incorporates advanced features, such as a drag and drop user interface, motion detection, remote viewing video over the Internet.

Use Webcam Live Streaming to watch your spouse at home while you're away or make sure your babysitter is not neglecting your kids.